Working with active data

Whether you’re using a laptop, Tiger, or an offsite computing cluster, you’ll need to have a plan for how you’ll work with your data and how you’ll provide access to it for all the members of your research team involved in the analysis.

In addition to following the best practices for data analysis in your field, It’s important to have clear naming and directory structure guidelines that everyone on the project knows about and follows. 

Questions to answer now that will help with your data later

  • Are the processes for documenting changes to the raw data clear and understood by all project members?
  • Are the data analysis procedures and processes clearly documented? 
        This can include the hardware and software used, any additional modifications to the data, the model used, and/or the code used to run the analyses

Princeton has a number of options to help provide access to both onsite and offsite collaborators. To learn more, follow the links to the left. You can also reach out to the staff at Research Computing or a PRDS team member.