Introducing Princeton Data Commons

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Data comes in all shapes and sizes, and Princeton University has a new system to accommodate data publications regardless of complexity. In order to provide a repository that suits the changing landscape of data publication and preservation, Princeton University is moving from DataSpace and launching Princeton Data Commons (PDC). 

This new platform enhances the user’s experience with a streamlined workflow for deposits and improved discoverability. It is adaptable to changing funder requirements, while supporting efficient and optimized data publication for Princeton University’s research community. Description includes both required and recommended properties from Datacite metadata schema, as well as additional properties from other schemas to optimally describe your submissions to support findability of published work. Perhaps the greatest strength of Princeton Data Commons is its flexibility, which will continue to be developed and enhanced to address the evolving needs of our research community. Personalized curation services to assist your deposits will remain a core component of the data publication process, performed by PRDS (Princeton Research Data Service).

Princeton Data Commons is a project to create an ecosystem of online resources and tools to support and advance storing, preserving, managing, sharing, and curating digital research data. Princeton Data Commons - Discovery was the first application in this new ecosystem. Princeton Data Commons - Describe is the newest layer of this system, connecting record level data to published datasets. All previously published data will be migrated to our new system automatically. For more information about the PDC project broadly, please contact the Head of the Princeton Research Data Service, Meghan Testerman.

Princeton Data Commons Policies & Agreements 

Acceptance and Retention Policy for Princeton Data Commons 

Distribution Agreement for Princeton Data Commons 


Q: Why does Princeton need a new repository?
A: We are committed to providing world class service to researchers to optimally curate and preserve their data and make it discoverable.  We develop and maintain software to best meet these needs, and this work includes necessarily evaluating and updating the repository to ensure that research data is discoverable and protected now and in the future.

Q: When is the move from DataSpace to PDC happening? 
A: Soon! Be on the lookout for additional information in the coming weeks. 

Q: I submitted data in the past. Will my previous data still be accessible?
A: We are in the process of migrating all data records from DataSpace into PDC over the coming months. Your data will remain accessible and available, both to you as well as to the greater research community. Persistent identifiers (e.g., ARKs, DOIs) associated with records or collections in DataSpace will continue to point to relocated records or collections in Princeton Data Commons.

Q: When I submitted data to DataSpace in the past, my data was checked by a curator and I was given a DOI. Will that change?
A: There will be no changes to the services offered. PDC still offers hands-on, personalized data curation and will mint custom DOIs for each research project submitted.

Q: Who can I ask if I have questions about the new system or the transition to it?
A: Email your question to