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Humanities Data Workshop Series Concluding with Capstone on Ethical Considerations, featuring Dr. Jennifer Garcon

The Humanities Data Workshop Series will conclude on April 13 with a capstone on ethical considerations, featuring guest speaker Dr. Jennifer Garcon, Librarian for Modern and Contemporary Special Collections. Drawing on her expertise in media, migration, and politics in the Cold War Caribbean and her groundbreaking work on public and community data curation, Dr. Garcon will lead us in an engaging discussion on the ethical considerations in managing, sharing, and presenting humanities data. The conversation will touch on themes including positionality and power in community-based projects, the emotional labor of archiving, equity in project design, and resource sharing and collaboration.

A joint initiative between the Center for Digital Humanities (CDH) and the Princeton Research Data Service (PRDS), the six-part Humanities Data Workshop Series has explored what “data” means in the context of humanities scholarship and provided an introduction to key techniques and analytical considerations for data-curious faculty, early-career researchers, graduate students, and Library staff. The capstone session on April 13 is open to anyone who is interested, whether or not they attended the prior sessions. (Note: this event was originally scheduled for April 6, but then rescheduled for April 13 on March 23.)

Register for the workshop on the Princeton University Library events page.