Research Data Stewardship Program Launches for 2020

The Princeton Research Data Service has launched the Research Data Stewardship Program: a new annual training program to provide early-career researchers in any discipline with the knowledge and skills to be effective data stewards. This program brings together domain experts from all over campus to cover key topics in effective data management and stewardship. Graduates of the program will be able to successfully plan for, manage, and arrange for the preservation and successful re-use of their research data, feel empowered to be champions for open research, and become part of a growing community of Data Stewardship at Princeton. The program is co-organized with Research Computing and the Princeton Institute for Computational Science and Engineering (PICSciE).

Examples of key topics covered in this 8-month program include:

  • Knowing how to write a data management plan
  • Implementing effective version control
  • Creating useful metadata and documentation for data discovery and re-use
  • Knowing where to store data based on key factors
  • Being able to choose the appropriate license for code and data
  • Knowing how to apply FAIR principles when publishing data

The program is fully online for 2020-2021.